How are the old brain cells holding up?  Take the DHS 73 Trivia Test and see what you remember about the "Good 'Ol Days."
1) Who was voted "Most Likely To Succeed?
Robert Barry and Desiree Bell
Sarah Palin and Doug Mason
Frank Shipps and Margaret Liu
Rusty Kroeger and Becky Kearns
2) Who was voted "Prettiest Eyes?"
Decker Hahn and Vonnie Willis
Carolyn Jones and Keith Newbold
David Brown and Danna Schwein
Barack O'Breed and Sherri Rochford

3) Who was voted "Best Dressed?"
Rod Barker and Biddey Casey
Molly'o Dolan and John Jackson
Delvin Gregg and Connie Huntington
Judy King and Neil Larsen
4) Who was voted "Best Laugh?"
Ryan Prichett and Lois Gaugh
John Bottoms and Debie Lindsey
Nila Briggs and John Parker
John Bottoms and Glenna Noble

5) Who was Head Boy and Head Girl?
Leo Lobato and Shannon Periman
Tom Mahoney and Genet D'Arcy
Davis Dunagan and Julia Paulson
Bill Cherry and Vonnie Willis
6) Who was voted "Pretties Hair?"
Carl Dobbins and Lynn Price
Renee Wigton and Bobby Wegher
Thad Turner and Judy Smith
Sandy Ellis and Paul Black

7) Who was voted "Most Friendly?"
John Dunn and Mary Lou Griego
Arlene Sandoval and Bobby Egger
Daryl Crites and Karla Baars
Marti Iberra and Leo Lobato
8) Who was voted "Best Figure & Physique?"
Ben Gardner and Laura Fleming
Marcy Moreland and Tig Griffith
Ben Breed and Kandy Korth
Cheryl Tiegs and Darrelll McCoy

9) Who was voted "Best All Around?"
David Holgate and Joni Ross
Cathy Ptolemy and Mike Haas
Jim Verce and Lynn Yeager
Janet Smith and Jack Turner
10) Who was voted "Most Courteous?"
Tim Fleming and Vicki Francil
Jennie Howlett and Lester Hahn
David Haukeness and Mae Clark
Connie Haga and Robert Hately

11) Who was voted "Most Talented?"
Mark Waterman and Patricia Ornella
Ann Butler and John Jackson
Carl Shipps and Liz Lauth
Janet Atkins and Robert Archuleta
12) Who was voted "Most Spirited?"
Patricia Buslee and Bill Martinson
Chico Viapondo and Virginia Lee
Darby McKinney and Paul Moreland
Heidi Zeller and Dennis Mackey

13) Who was voted "Quietest?"
David Huffman and Glynis Rhoades
Mary Lloyd and Dean Mahan
Jim Luter and Joan Isgar
Charles Harris and Barbara Mallett
14) Who was class President, VP, and Treasurer?
Mike Stratton, Margaret Liu, and Janet Smith
Neil Larson, Decker Hahn, Ann Butler
Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Condalezza Rice
Jack Turner, Greg Stilwell, Patricia Ornella

15) Who was voted "Miss Toltec & Mr. 73?"
Janet Smith and Neil Larsen
Charlotte Smothermon and Rusty Kroeger
Kandy Korth and Decker Hahn
Pricilla Presley and Michael Jackson
16) What was our class yell?
Oh so mighty, full of glee; We're the Class of 73!
Booze, Sex, LSD; We're the Class of 73!
We're the best as you can see; We're the Class of 73!
Whatever... We're the Class of 73! (we think)